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First! (Or, dear gods I hope this doesn’t suck!)


I had a conversation yesterday with a few folks (I’m looking at you @psynister, @wowcynwise and @JustAlethiar!!) and was reminded that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and do it.  So, after much trepidation, here will be my attempt to do just that…

The purpose of this blog will  be to help answer questions that I had (or possibly amuse the heck out of some folks trying to do so) when I was starting out in the world of raiding on a Resto Shaman.  However, if you get something out of it, by all means please take away what you can.  There will in all likelihood be some rants about work, life in general and a few other things as we ll.  So with that being said, a little about me:

I started playing an enhancement Shaman a few months back after a break from WoW.  I had always played a hunter when I raided and until late into Wrath of the Lich King I had enjoyed it immensely.  Then the talent revamps came out, and I hated what hunters became.  Even though I had stepped away from WoW, I missed it terribly.  So I began to look at the stable of alts I had amassed over six years of playing which mainly contained on Steamwheedle Cartel – Alliance.   At that time, I had just my hunter to 85 and my priest, paladin and warrior to various states of working their way to 85.

And my Draenei Shaman, sitting there all lonely like at level 61.  I always had enjoyed playing her (She started out being Karalexya) and race changes had just become available to dwarves, so I thought I’d switch from a Draenei to a Dwarf and keep her female. (Stormcaller Myrla has by far been my favorite NPC in this expansion.)  After the race change, I quickly leveled Kara to 85 and sought to make her my main. I absolutely loved Resto and was moderately enjoying Elemental, but the guild I was in was dissolving quickly.  Rather than look for (yet) another alliance guild I set to check a few Horde guilds, and quickly found one I was interested in. I paid for a faction transfer and made Kara a Tauren Male named Somnar.  Unfortunately, that guild wasn’t really honest about their raiding but I had found Enhancement again and gathered some good gear from ZA and ZG during that time.  Shortly thereafter I found my current guild, <Esoterica> (More on them later!) and after a few heroic runs as Enhancement, I had found myself a raid spot.. They we’re just starting back to raiding, and in need of a healer.  Our RL, having an alt Shaman had no problem accepting a new Resto Shaman as that healer.

Thus began my journey into Restoration as a Shaman.

I found some great resources well after we had started into Firelands and hopefully this blog will serve to point folks in the right direction that are in the same boat that I, and so many others find ourselves in.   I’m not going to delve much into theorycrafting (I’ll leave that to the experts!) and will probably rehash some things that had been said before.  But in the end, I hope to serve as a reference for the folks out there who are looking for current information on playing a restoration Shaman and not on the cutting edge of raiding.

As for <Esoterica>, we’re currently 5 of 7 in the Firelands, and progressing rather well for our one night a week.

I’ve been talking with folks and other bloggers on Twitter for about a month now, and finally found the courage to hit the publish button.  I’m by no means a professional writer and this is my first attempt at a blog.  Hopefully we’ll find something great here!

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  1. 11/09/2011 12:26

    Great start, Somnar, and great to have you blogging. I certainly bemoaned the dearth of Shaman content, so I’m ecstatic to see you step into the fray.

    I look forward to reading more in the weeks, months and years to come.

    • 11/09/2011 13:37

      Thank you very much Alethiar, we’ll see how it goes! I’m looking forward to getting things together as it’s still very much raw.

  2. 11/09/2011 13:12

    Excellent post. Always nice to have a fellow shaman blogging. I love the title you came up with 🙂

    • 11/09/2011 13:43

      Thank you very much! And I worried over the title for days, but I’m glad to see you like it. I still agree with Alethiar, I think Twisted Totem was a great choice as well!

  3. 11/09/2011 13:46

    Glad to see you’ve taken the plunge, Somnar! I really look forward to seeing what you have to say about shaman – the shaman blogs out there are wonderful, but there just don’t seem to be a ton of them.

    When you have a moment, I’d highly suggest hopping over to Blog Azeroth and introducing yourself there. They are usually really good about helping new bloggers get some well-deserved attention. 🙂

    • 11/09/2011 13:50

      Thank you very much Tzufit! And Blog Azeroth is one my evergrowing list of things to do tonight!!

  4. 11/09/2011 09:39

    YAY! I’m glad that you’re putting your voice out in the community! We need more shaman bloggers. 😀

  5. 11/09/2011 10:01

    Somnar, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging about Warcraft. I’m glad to see you’ve found your shoes. 😉

    In terms of class based blogs, Shamans are in the bottom three on the list of Most Represent Classes, beating out only Warriors and Rogues. Those who do blog about Shamans have a tendency to stop blogging after the first 3-6 months. That presents an interesting opportunity in the Shaman community, which is that every single voice is worth listening to because you never know how long they’re going to be around. You wait around eagerly, hoping for a new article to come swiftly, or sometimes hoping that it will come at all.

    I think you have plenty of information and experiences that you can share with us, and I think you have what it takes to keep it up as well. I love splashing around in big puddles even today, and I hope to see these big blue puddles always full.

    • 11/09/2011 10:18

      Thank you Psynister, and thanks for the words of wisdom yesterday. I agree completely about the under-representation of Shamans out there currently. We have some wonderful folks doing it already and doing a great job, but we need more voices out there!

  6. 11/09/2011 11:14

    Hi Somnar,

    I tend to agree with what Psynister and others have said. There’s a huge niche in shaman blogging that could stand to be filled, mostly because of the lack of shaman bloggers, but also because of the extremes in which the blogs tend to be written. You have Vixsin, who of course is the goddess of resto shaman and then you have people that can barely spell the word “shaman” and they kind of float around and talk about everything *but* being a shaman. There really isn’t a happy medium and it would be great to see someone that more people could relate to or that people could feel like their blog is a stepping stone to other things. If that makes sense.

    Provided you keep posting, I’ll be sure to save you a seat on my Blogroll. I’ve got my eye on you!

    • 11/09/2011 11:53

      Yes’m I’ll make sure I keep the posts coming! In fact.. Already working on the idea and rough for the first true post!

  7. 11/10/2011 06:03

    Welcome to the blogging community !

    Looking forward to some of those non-shaman general posts. (I don’t have a shaman, so ..)

    • 11/10/2011 06:17

      Thank you for stopping by and the welcome Vuuk! I may have something non-shammany in the works here in a bit 😉

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