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4.3 Valor Point and 5 Man Loot for the Resto Shaman:


As we are right on the edge of 4.3 being released, I wanted to take a moment to look at our options for loot via the Valor Points and new 5 Man Dungeons that will be available to us later today.  I’ll try to look at raid drops later in the week, but for now I will be omitting those pieces.

(If you haven’t seen the trailer, go and watch.. We’ll wait here…)    Hour of Twilight Trailer

All done?  Good, lets proceed then!


Wolfdream Circlet
Echoing Headguard

Both helms contain a Meta and a Red slot for gems, the Wolfdream Circlet has 80 more Intellect, and 54 more Spirit available on the stats as well as a +30 Intellect for socket bonuses.  The Circlet also has a bonus to haste, whereas Echoing Headguard has a bonus to crit.  Personally, even Echoing Headguard is a huge improvement over what I currently have.


Threadlinked Chain

If you are like me and currently have the Firemind Pendant equipped, this is another huge upgrade.  Having 44 more intellect, and 52 spirit than what is currently considered  one item down from BiS.


Pauldrons of Midnight Whispers

Currently our only option for shoulders are held by Archbishop Benedictus in the Hour of Twilight 5 Man Heroic. Compared to the Craterflame Spaulders I currently have equipped, these are increase spirit by 136, lower intellect by 1 but come with a red socket versus a yellow socket. The Pauldrons of Midnight Whispers also have a +10 Spirit socket bonus, compared to a +10 Intellect bonus on the Casterflame Spaulders. Another thing to consider are the bonuses on these, the Pauldrons boost crit strike by 134, where the Spaulders boost both crit and haste. In my opinion, for the spirit alone these would be considered an upgrade unless if you currently have the Tier piece dropped by Staghelm. If you are currently equipping the Tier shoulders, I would hesitate to switch.


Woundlicker Cover

Most shamans are currently equipping the Flowing Flamewrath Cape and this will be an upgrade offering +24 Int, +24 Spirit a red socket with a +10 socket bonus to Int. We finally get a haste buff in the form of + 148.


Ghostworld Chestguard

If you are currently equipping Erupting Volcanic Tunic like most shamans, this is again another solid upgrade for you. Increasing Intellect by 78 and Spirit by 11 this also adds two red sockets versus one red and one yellow socket. Again, our trade-off is in the form of bonus stats where we gain a bonus to crit versus a bonus to haste and crit.  That being said, this will overall be an increase for most shamans, as long as you are willing to break your Tier bonus which I’ll get into at the end of the post.


Bracers of the Spectral Wolf

Currently, the BiS item for Resto Shamans are the Lava Line Wristbands and you will be looking at a +44 Int and +34 Spirit upgrade. Our tradeoff again is losing haste in favor of crit.


Gloves of Ghostly Dreams

Compared to Erupting Volcanic Handwraps the Gloves are a +59 boost to Int and a + 49 bump to Spirit. Both have red sockets and a +10 socket bonus to Int. We gain a + 207 haste rating with the gloves compared to a bonus to crit on the Handwraps.


Chain of the Demon Hunter

Girdle of Shamanic Fury

Putting it up against an undisputed BiS item, with no tier consideration almost all will be upgrading from Firemend Cinch we are getting a + 39 bump to Int and a +203 bump to Spirit. We also gain a red socket in addition to the same blue socket that was there, but with the belt buckle we are gaining another slot to add a gem of our choice. The bonus also is increased to + 20 int from + 10 int.

Chain of the Demon Hunter was an unexpected bonus to the end of The Path to the Dragon Soul quest in the Well of Eternity. It’s a very solid upgrade from Firemend Cinch as well, adding a good bit of spirit and a bonus to haste.


Unless I’m missing it, we have no options via either VP or 5 Man for legs.


Sabatons of the Graceful Spirit

Comparing this with Treads of Implicit Obedience we see an increase in both Int and Spirit to the tune of + 39 to each. Where the Treads had just one red socket, the Sabatons have a red and a yellow socket and again the socket bonus increased to + 20 Int from +10 Int. We again gain a hefty amount of haste in the form of +226 versus a boost to crit. This will be another very solid upgrade that will made without regard to tier bonuses.


Scepter of Azshara

Might be an upgrade for some Shamans, if you are lucky enough to wield either Eye of Purification or Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord this is not an upgrade, with Amani Scepter of Rites equipped however, this would be a very solid upgrade.


Band of Reconstruction

Is a solid choice when paired against Soothing Brimstone Circle boasting a 24 point increase to Int and a 15 point increase to spirit. Also sporting a lovely yellow socket with a +10 increase to Int for a socket bonus. We trade crit for mastery on this one. Against the BiS
Signet of the Twilight Prophet we see a small bump to Int and Spirit, but trade mastery for haste on the Signet. Likely this will replace your other ring if you have the rep with the Twilight Avengers.

I’m going to leave trinkets alone for now, until I can properly contemplate Lightning Spirit in a Bottle

Comparing all the items for a casual raider, that has yet to down Raggy this is a very exciting patch. We’ll be doing a lot of reforging to swap stats around to get us back to our recommended breakpoints.

The T12 bonus is one that has bugged me, on the surface I get around 250 mana from a proc of it. Just based on raw numbers, I think I will be breaking the set bonus eventually as we should see more of a return from Int and Spirit Regen.

I’ll also be morgging my items to my current T12, until we start on the T13 content or I try raid finder out.

I’d love to see some counterpoints from folks!

(If I made any omissions, it wasn’t intentional.. ‘Tis the price of waking up at 2:00 AM!)

11/29 – Cleaned up some formatting at the end.
11/30 Added Chain of the Demon Hunter to Waist items

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Handredor permalink
    11/30/2011 01:04

    I ran through the first two instances on my shaman today, healing Follo in a guild run. For the most part, the fights are way easy. The mobs can do huge damage if the team isn’t paying attention, but most of the effects are easily avoided.

    The only fight we had an issue with was the Echo of Sylvannas, because of the ghoul ring gimmick and our team was melee heavy.

    But, for the most part, mana wasn’t an issue, nor was healing. Unfortunately, they drop 378 gear and I dunno bout you (actually, yeah, I do *wink*) but I’m pretty filled out in 378 gear already. The good thing about the dungeons is that they offer 150 VP per run, and VP are our friends.

    My opinion, the Twilight heroics are easier than the Zandalaris with better gear and more fun fights. Lemme know when you wanna run through some, and I’ll tank em for you. I’m nearly always on vent 😛

    • 11/30/2011 03:27

      Thanks for the info Handy! Reading through some of the comments on the new dungeons that seems to be the consensus, and I agree that the dungeon drops are by and large not going to be too much of an need for most of us. But hey, at least it’ll be a little easier to gear folks up again!

  2. 11/30/2011 20:29

    Nice Post. i just switched mains from Shadow Priest to Restoration Shaman and am looking for all the info i can devour. I just book marked you and hope to see more.

    • 11/30/2011 20:53

      Thanks for stopping by Bryter! And glad you made the transition, I can honestly say I’m having more fun now than ever before in WoW with mine!

  3. 11/30/2011 21:26

    Well I now know where to come to if I ever want to turn my enhancment Shaman into a Resto shaman.

    • 11/30/2011 22:06

      Ah, enhancement is my offspec, so I understand the love for it! I had actually started in my new guild in that role when they needed a new healer. I haven’t looked back since. But it is nice to get in and hit things in the face as well!!

      • Handredor permalink
        12/01/2011 03:50

        Real resto shamans offspec sparky!

        SO THERE, SOMMY!


      • 12/01/2011 07:42

        Pfft. Ok, so I’ve thought about it, I’ll admit. Then I think about the gear I’ve gotten offspec in our raids, and I couldn’t do it.

        The new Lightning Bolt sure is pretty though.

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