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Thoughts on the Hour of Twilight Patch


We’re a few days into 4.3 now and I wanted to talk about my thoughts, and hopefully discuss your thoughts on the latest patch to WoW.

Firstly, I have to commend Blizzard on the job it did with the patch.  With Void Storage, Transmogrification, a revamped Darkmoon Faire, 3 new heroic instances, a new raid and Raid Finder; I think more than a few of us feared the patch would be a disaster.  (Sorry this instance is full..The Ice Stone has melted, the Ice Stone. Has. Melted.)  I fully expected to get home Tuesday night and not be able to even log in.  Where there some weird queue times?  Yes.  Does my profanity filter reset at weird times?  You betcha. (And then there’s at least one person in my random who is kind enough to #@!$&*! point out that it’s on.)  But most of the anomalies got fixed relatively in short order and everything was playable.  Kudos to Blizzard on deploying a huge patch almost flawlessly!  Unfortunately I had a wonderful bout with insomnia Monday night and by the time I got logged in I was all but done.   Then Wednesday morning came, and I woke up all bright-eyed and tauren-tailed ready to roll.

In this patch there is pretty much something for everyone.  Transmogrification is a really neat feature, but for me I like to display what current gear I’ve gathered.  If I’m lucky enough to collect the Tier 13 set, yes I will be displaying that all the time but for now, I’m good.  Void Storage is a novel concept, and if it was across all servers I’d readily buy into it. I’ve repressed my pack rat ways and long since deleted lots of the pieces that I would have liked to kept.  Will it be more useful in the future?  Even if it’s just extended to all characters on your particular realm I would then be happy to pay the premium of getting it.  The Darkmoon Faire, even though we haven’t seen it on live realms yet has  a fresh new look.  It even appears that it’s going to hold value with players with by adding companion pets, games, shiny new replica armors for transmog,  heirlooms being available for purchase and things to explore on the new island I have a feeling that things will be very crowded come Faire time.


For me, the value of this patch is the new instances and the new raid.  I intentionally went into the instances dark – not having read any strategies as I hoped it would be more entertaining.  I am very glad that I did this, as there were  a few surprises in store for me.  I’ve now completed all 3 of the instances and for the first time in a long time I can say that there isn’t one that bothers me in the least bit.  The lore intertwined in each instance is great,  the voice acting is amazing ( Ok, so Tyrande isn’t exactly amazing.. But, I digress..) and the fights are fun and engaging.  For me, and please indulge my inner geek here, this entire patch – if not the expansion was made while in the Hour of Twilight instance where Thrall shifts into ghost wolf.  For a few fleeting moments, I was running in a pack with Thrall, who is no doubt one of our greatest shamans ever.  Each of the instances is challenging with being completely overwhelming.  Things like that are completely making this expansion look better and better.  Has it all been ponies and moose?  Not at all, but like the rest we’ll be left of our memories of how things ended.  WotLK wasn’t my most favorite instance, but the way it ended was fantastic.  Will Oculus always haunt me?  Probably, but there were some great moments with the Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection that left me with an overall favorable impression of the expansion and the end cinematic tied the expansion up nicely.


I haven’t the opportunity to try the Raid Finder yet, but I plan to do so this weekend.  Granted if I can get with some similarly geared people, it would be an easy fight but I’d like to see how it works and how much fun it is.


So, how about you?  Whats your take on the patch?  Love it?  Hate it?  Share your thoughts here!

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  1. 12/01/2011 16:40

    Over all I would have to say. Very, very smooth and painless. I got to get in one of the new 5 mans on my Elemental shaman. Only problem I have had is a couple of piece’s of gear I have been having problems Trans moging. But over all I would had to say very impressive.

    • 12/02/2011 09:02

      Yeah, the transmog rules could have been laid out a little more clear, I agree. But this has been a refreshing change as far as deployment, I like it!

  2. Handredor permalink
    12/02/2011 02:07

    First off, I was pissed when I went to mog my Champions Redoubt PvP set onto my T12 Tank set and found that the PvP gear couldn’t be used for mogging. I had to spend a bunch of JP to buy some Dark Iron lookalikes from G’era in Shattrath and craft myself some Dark Iron Shoulders just to mog a decent set that matched my Blood Knight Tabard and shield.

    THEN, I tried to mog my Chef’s Hat onto my tank helm just so Sommy could feel like he was making a difference, and it didn’t work either. RAGE

    But, all the goofy mogging hijinx aside, I am incredibly impressed with the new five-mans. I ran twelve of them today without getting burned out by anything more than hunger. I fully capped my week’s worth of Valour Points and I still have four bosses in Firelands to down on Sunday.

    I think the appeal of the new heroics (I call them Dragonix or Twilightix) comes from the perfect balance betweeen being difficult without being spinecrushingly discouraging. Sure, fail PuGs are fail everywhere, and you’ll wipe on Jaina fifteen times if you have fail DPS, but I was running a guild group and I found myself feeling the same way as I did when the Dungeon Finder first came out in the middle of WotLK. I looked up, saw that it was 2130, and realised I had been running dungeons all day.

    And I had had fun doing it.

    I even PuG healed a run or two on my shaman, and even with the fail DPS (oh look, a rogue who tries to stand behind Sylvannas’ Ghoul Ring and then bitches at me when she dies) we managed to pull through.

    The instances feel less difficult than the Trollix are, even now, and definately less difficult than they were when 4.2 first dropped, but they’re not so easy that you can roflstomp them. They’re more forgiving than the Trollix are/were, but they still spank you when you misbehave.

    Like I said, perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to Mog my shaman gear back to T11 or not, but I’ve Mogged my paladin’s tank set to shiny Dark Iron, and I’ll tell you what, I’m glad I don’t look like a damned popsicle dipped in caramel anymore.

    FYI, rumour has it that Lucid Dream on blueside has downed Deathwing on 10 man regular. Makes me wonder if they were pro leet, or the T13 raid is a touch too easy. It’s been two days since 4.3 dropped and Deathwing is already done? It took a month or more before Raggy was downed the first time, didn’t it?

    I’m hoping that for Team One, we’ll down Ragnaros before the Christmas break, and then (if we can keep Mags from tearing his hair out for abandoning Firelands before his staff is done) we can see what we can do with the Dragon Soul raid.

    • 12/02/2011 09:08

      I agree completely Handy, the PvP was a complete drop on Blizz’s part, so hopefully they will keep that in mind for future restrictions.

      And thats a shame about the Chef’s Hat. Note: I will be checking to make sure you don’t pull, and continue to raid with it on from now on. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

      The 5 mans are STILL blowing my mind, I notice something new every time. Speaking of something new, I had 2 DK’s in a group last night, one died on Sylvanas and wouldn’t accept the brez. His reasoning? He was too bad to rez, he was horrible. Tank finally screamed at him enough that he took it, and immediately died again. Sigh.

      And with the Dragon Soul, the kills will come quick. I still haven’t forgotten that guilds achieved first day kills on Arthas in ICC though, so things may be a bit undertuned this time around. Who knows, maybe it will be the perfect balance once hardmodes are unlocked?

  3. Mél permalink
    12/02/2011 08:38

    I agree, patch 4.3 was executed well. Gearing Alts in the new Heroics is easy and, incredibly fun. The instances are punishing if not handled properly but, following mechanics usually means win. This will patch has brought me back into playing full swing. I fully plan on getting Valor capped weekly on more than just my main this patch.

    • 12/02/2011 09:10

      That’s a excellent point about the VP capping Mél! I didn’t even think about it, even though I capped for the week yesterday on Somnar. Perhaps it’s time to dust off the priest!

  4. 12/02/2011 11:12

    I probably won’t cap on my shaman until my priest is situated. I try not to split my attention too much, especially with me trying to get better at discipline and stay knowledgeable in holy matters, too. I get frazzled if I have to juggle too much.

    • 12/02/2011 12:21

      I’ve never understood how people keep several characters geared and ready for current content myself O as it just seems to be very stressful to me. While I enjoy playing all of the healing classes I always get in danger of being attracted to class “A”‘s shinny new ability – especially after talents have been revamped or reworked. I think I’d be pretty safe with Firin to start the process of gearing him slowly as he’s still no mostly in blues at this point.

      And in any matter, I’m sure you’ll get the inner workings of disc down in short time and be a volume of knowledge for us all!

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