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About me. The man behind the Shaman.

I’ve been playing MMO’s since the dawn of Ultima Online in 1997.  (And yes, I still cringe at the words ‘Corp Por’.) From there I migrated to Asheron’s Call, Dark Ages of Camelot and ultimately World of Warcraft in early 2005.  I initially rolled a dwarf hunter by the name of Lycanthe and set out to make my way in the world.  I stumbled through Vanilla WoW, content to play on my own until finding a guild by the name of Stars of Glory on the Kirin Tor (A) side.  By this time, I had also gotten my wife hooked on WoW as well and we joined SoG and began raiding.  Fast forward to 2011, like so many guilds bliss finally ended and I went through a number of guilds on different servers.  Wrath seemed to have killed any semblance of a guild, and I was miserable.  I eventually decided to switch to a Shaman as my main and ended up race changing to Horde.

I then stumbled upon a great group of folks in <Esoterica> Steamwheedle Cartel (H) and began to raid heal on my Shaman.  I initially struggled in finding information and contemplated starting a blog focused on 10 Man raid healing.   So here we are, I’m hoping I’m up to the task!

Now, a little about me in real life – I live in NC and work for a large bank as a supervisor in a customer contact center.  My days are filled with endless streams of questions, and from a previous job I have a deep seated desire to investigate things and break them down into bits until I understand it and then relay it in a somewhat understandable manner.  I’ve been married to the love of my life for 12 years now and we’ve got 3 furry four legged dogs that we adopted.

I currently spend most of my free time bugging said love of my life to return to WoW and playing my shaman and army of alts.

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